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Your work is really appreciated and recognized. We wanted you to know that we are amazed with your job. We are used to buy Aikido and other martial arts DVDs from a lot of places, and we have never found any material like this. Really, congratulations. My husband is very grateful for all the knowledge that Endo Sensei is carefully transmitting. Through those DVDs he is having the chance to know about and learn a lot with Endo Sensei.

Heloisa Mabuchi (Brazil)

All DVD in one set


I have recieved my DVDs in time. The quality of all DVDs commanded on your web site (I have all Endo Sensei's DVD collection) is impeccable : very good images and very good quality of sound. Translations in english (oral and subtitles) constituted an invaluable help for non japanese poeple. Perhaps a french translation could also be included.... Thank you for your service's quality.

P. Laval-Gilly (France)

All DVD in one set


Seishiro Endo Sensei's DVDs are beyond doubt a great tool for any Aikido teacher. The entire collection is an invaluable visual document, filled with complete and profound but accessible explanations. The DVDs are very well produced, with lots of attention to detail. Image, sound and subtitles, all contribute to take the best out of Endo Sensei's teachings.

João (Portugal)

All DVD in one set



Not having the chance to be able to attend a seminar with Endo Sensei, I have discovered in this set his incredible pedagogy and felt his huge Aikido mastery.

Christophe DEMUYNCK (France)

All DVD in one set


I bought Way-Mastery´s DVDs some time ago and everytime, when I watch them, I feel amazed because of the way they have been produced. They are probably not only the best approach to Endo Sensei´s work (If you are not able to attend his seminars) but also one of the best videos on Aikido you can ever find.

The quality of the product, the pictures, the colours, the textures, the angles of filming, the texts, the silences, the reflections……the way Endo Sensei´s message is kept , cared and transmited. Every detail has been treated very carefully. Thus, the final result is not only beautiful but also 100% coherent.

Besides, I would like to highlight that Way-Mastery not only offers probably one of the best products on aikido available by a very reasonable price but also provides an excellent customer care service. They are very respectful, flexible, fast, efficient and reliable. It is because all of these reasons that I highly recommend Way-Mastery´s products. You won´t feel disappointed.

Enrique (Spain)

All DVD in one set


I have watched “Basic Practice Methods (Katate, Shomen, Yokomen)” and “Basic Forms,” and in each case I felt as if I were participating in a real workshop. Both Endo Sensei’s explanation of the techniques, and the images, being easy to understand, have become very useful reference points for me. Whenever I take part in a public presentation of Aikido, or undergo an examination for advancement to the next “dan” level, I prepare by watching the DVDs over and over and correcting my movements accordingly. “Jiyu-waza” (free technique) is also recorded on the DVDs, but I want to see more and more of it. I hope that a variety of series will be published from now on, too.

Nobuki Eikura (Japan)

DVD Katate-dori. Basic Practice Methods.

DVD Shomen-uchi. Basic Practice Methods.

DVD Yokomen-uchi. Basic Practice Methods.


I have purchased all of Endo Shihan’s DVDs. As I live in the Kansai area, I can attend Endo Sensei’s practice sessions only in workshops, and the number of those is limited; so, these DVDs are useful. They are useful for a grasp of one’s position relative to one’s partner, and for “getting” the timing, burning the images into one’s brain by watching them again and again. However, when partners have met and touched, as for what kind of power flow awakens at the point of contact, there is a difference between what one imagines from watching a DVD and what one experiences in reality; so, as for that point, I think that there is nothing for it but to attend workshops as much as possible. To return to the content: there are places where I think, “Eh? It shows and explains even so deep a thing as that?” But Endo Sensei has no intention of hiding anything, and there are many things which one cannot understand just by seeing them, so I think that it is probably good. As one of Endo Shihan’s admirers, I look forward to more of his DVDs in the future.

M.K. (Japan)

All DVD in one set


I have purchased all of the DVDs. The reason is that this series is truly well done. From the way of thinking, to the way of using one’s body, to the power of “live and let live,” this series explains difficult Aikido in an easy-to-understand way. The DVDs have been very useful, since they show the “waza” (technique) parts from numerous angles, and have close-ups even of things one normally doesn’t notice. They are especially useful for me. Since I live overseas, I cannot very easily participate in workshops in Japan. But, thanks to these DVDs, I can study Endo Sensei’s practice sessions on my own, even while living abroad.

W.F. (Taiwan)

Basic Practice Methods. (5-DVD set)



The Way-Mastery series has really helped to take our Aikido to a new level. I have done martial arts for over 50 years and taught Aikido for over ten years. Watching this series has given us new insights as to how we practice Aikido. Some of the things we have just been doing already because it worked best for us. Other movements were more subtle and until watching the series we were not aware that we were doing the same thing or something similar. Now that we have gained this awareness it will improve our practice. I have purchased other DVD's but these are superior. They are a must for every serious practioner of Aikido.

Sensei Herr (U.S.)

All DVD in one set


The booklet of Endo Sensei Notes is a refined design product. The idea of all (text and photos) in silver over black proves to be a unique visual experience, sort of an uplifting mind feeling, as well as a (positive) visual 'shock'. (I would show this booklet to friends and colleagues from the visual design fields as a fine example of "translating" Budo notes into the visual sphere). The notes themselves are much more than merely Budo remarks, and might be regarded as spiritual guidance as well, (depending on the reader's mind and orientation).

Ze'ev Lipan (Finland) 

Notes on Atari and Musubi



Sensei is showing very impressively how connection between the practicing partners is established and again how important the inner state is. He is examining the factors which are essential for a good practice with your partner, such as a calm but elastic and flexible state, the establishment of connection by Atari and the question of timing. As in all DVD's this is done step by step with an impressive variety of possible connection points, beginning with hand/shoulder, hand/waist, hand/head, hand/back connection and moving on to hand/fist practices also with two partners. Sensei makes it very clear that the understanding of these teachings and exercises are the basis for real Budo and any technique in Aikido.

Christopher (Austria)

DVD Atari and Musubi



Every Aikidoka, if beginner or intermediate, deal with the topic suwari-waza kokyuho. But there are so different interpretations like teachers. With the new dvd of “practice methods”, Endo Shihan offers an extensive, an reasonable form of interpretation. It shows again, how deep and intelligent such a topic of Aikido may be got through. Thank you!

Roland Frerk (Germany)

DVD Suwari-waza Kokyuho, Ryote-dori. BPM.



I was very impressed about Sensei's calm and very profound step by step way of showing the principles of Aikido which are both essential and basic for a good and beautiful connection with the partner. Again Sensei is focusing on the state of the mind and the heart. His way of practicing and teaching this mind-heart connection is really exceptional and also unique. The DVD is very well structured, following a clear path of teaching, with good English subtitles and helpful references to the Atari and Musubi and Sabaki/Tsukai DVDs which are actually a very good complement for this DVD. I personally think that one day Sensei's DVDs will be very much asked for and barely available thus I recommend to all Aikidokas to purchase them now for an affordable price.

Christopher (Austria)

DVD Stillness and Movement as One and Two-Attacker Practice


I have most of Endo Shihan's DVDs and I must say the presentation is very good and professional. Also the CONTENT of the DVD is very clear and genuinely deep. I feel that Endo Shihan is lately believing that for the good of modern aikido and of the whole world, he should present his methods and experiences as openly as possible, something which is very strange coming from an Oriental and an Eastern martial art. In today's global village it is vital that genuine knowledge in the ART of O Sensei is conveyed, lest it becomes warped and changed beyond recognition in the near future. So for this I thank Endo Shihan, whom I look forward to be able to meet in the future.

Antoine (Makta)

DVD Yokomen-uchi. Basic Practice Methods.


I'm an Aikido instructor from Italy and a professional video editor. I can really say that the Endo Sensei dvds are really perfect in the didactical purpose and in the realization. Surely you cannot use the dvd for replacing practice, but they are a very very helpful to understand the subtile logic that exist under Endo Sensei's Vision. My prefered is "Sabaki and Tsukai".

FB (Italy)

DVD Sabaki and Tsukai


Wonderful DVDs! Endo Shihan wa hontou ni "hyaku-sei-ki-sai" (truly a rare genius in a hundred generations) desu. The picture quality, the cinematography and the filmography are very well done and classy too. Great job.

K Wong (Canada)

Trilogy of Basic Techniques


I've really enjoyed Endo Sensei's DVD's - it has helped my Aikido practice immensely. The DVD's have helped me remember what Endo Sensei was encouraging when I saw him in Paris in the Autumn 2010.

Boz (U.K.)

Trilogy of Basic Techniques


I think that Endo Shihan's DVDs are excellent. The quality of the DVDs are very good, and they are well organized. I really enjoy the referrences between the DVDs so you can always review the concept on the other DVDs from the trilogy. Thanks for producing such wonderful DVDs.

Guy (Canada)

Trilogy of Basic Techniques



I want to thank you for your efficient way in handling my order from start to end. I have glanced through the three DVDs and I enjoy your production, its quality as video and its quality of movement and spirit. Please deliver my deep thanks to master Seishiro Endo. I enjoy greatly Seishiro Endo Sensei seriousness and perfection in movement and Aikido ways, as well as his sense of humor and laughter in the "bloopers". Please thank him wholeheartedly on my behalf for having made these positive guides to Aikido training. As a rather newcomer to Aikido, my second year, I appreciate greatly what I see in these DVDs, as it helps me understand more profoundly the techniques and their way. That is mainly so as I come from another Budo art, Ninjutsu, following Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu of Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei, for the past 24 years, being dan level. It is not simple learning Aikido from scratch, with its nuances and special approach to martial arts and taisabaki, when coming from the 9 ryu of Bujinkan. But watching Seishiro Endo Sensei performing the Aikido techniques in these DVDs make matters more simple to grasp and more gracious to realize. I truly appreciate your kind effort in making these tutorial videos happen.

Ze'ev Lipan (Finland)

Trilogy of Basic Techniques


Most aikido videos (particularly those of seminars) have very monotonous camera work. I find this video much more dynamic. The framing of the movements is done very nicely, capturing the flow so well. I really appreciate the close ups at certain points to emphasize Sensei's movements. I think it is very helpful. The translation and interpretation is also marvelous. Sensei's aikido and teaching is good as always. I find it remarkable that he never forgets to remind us to challenge ourselves beyond our comfort zone. At his level, you can see that he still does the same to himself so as to seek further improvement. It is so inspiring and motivating. I will highly recommend this video to everybody.

Meipo (United States)

DVD Seminar in Washington, D.C.

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