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Trilogy of Basic Techniques (3-DVD set)[SPVD-3TRG]

Price: 19,200JapanYen (tax incl.)
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Trilogy of basic techniques (3-DVD set) contains

"Kihon no kata",

"Atari and Musubi"

"Sabaki and Tsukai"

And "Notes on Atari and Musubi"


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DVD Review
"I come from another Budo art, Ninjutsu"

I want to thank you for your efficient way in handling my order from start to end. I have glanced through the three DVDs and I enjoy your production, its quality as video and its quality of movement and spirit. Please deliver my deep thanks to master Seishiro Endo. I enjoy greatly Seishiro Endo Sensei seriousness and perfection in movement and Aikido ways, as well as his sense of humor and laughter in the "bloopers". Please thank him wholeheartedly on my behalf for having made these positive guides to Aikido training. As a rather newcomer to Aikido, my second year, I appreciate greatly what I see in these DVDs, as it helps me understand more profoundly the techniques and their way. That is mainly so as I come from another Budo art, Ninjutsu, following Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu of Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei, for the past 24 years, being dan level. It is not simple learning Aikido from scratch, with its nuances and special approach to martial arts and taisabaki, when coming from the 9 ryu of Bujinkan. But watching Seishiro Endo Sensei performing the Aikido techniques in these DVDs make matters more simple to grasp and more gracious to realize. I truly appreciate your kind effort in making these tutorial videos happen.

Ze'ev Lipan (Finland)
"So you can always review the concept"

I think that Endo Shihan's DVDs are excellent. The quality of the DVDs are very good, and they are well organized. I really enjoy the referrences between the DVDs so you can always review the concept on the other DVDs from the trilogy. Thanks for producing such wonderful DVDs.

Guy (Canada)
"Remember what Endo Sensei was encouraging"

I've really enjoyed Endo Sensei's DVD's - it has helped my Aikido practice immensely. The DVD's have helped me remember what Endo Sensei was encouraging when I saw him in Paris in the Autumn 2010.

Boz (U.K.)

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