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DVD Atari and Musubi[SPVD-0003]

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For a creative Aikido-Ideas to guide you toward a mutually rejuvenating practice.
Seishiro Endo Shihan's Aikido DVD Trilogy of basic techniques vol.2

Format: NTSC, Color, Widescreen, Stereo
Language: Japanese (English Subtitle, Japanese Subtitle)
DVD Region: ALL
Discs: 1
Lentgh: 56 minutes
Production: Seishiro Pictures
DVD Release Date: September 26, 2007

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Item Information
Abstract:In this second installation of the Trilogy of Basic Aikido, Endo Seishiro shihan introduces his core concept of "atari". Through narrated demonstrations, even the viewer who is unfamiliar with Endo sensei will be sure to walk away with a deeper understanding of engagement and connection, and of Endo sensei's thinking and explorations. Various ways of practicing and learning about atari are presented along with guidance. The DVD is broadly organized into sections: exercises with your partner initiating the atari, or engagement; exercises in which you initiate atari; how to make the previous concepts more "your own" and possibly realize them in your practice. Includes "bloopers" chapter. "I discovered that the more I practiced with a calm spirit and a soft body, the more my partner's atari softened, the stronger the connection became at the point of our contact, and the easier it became to control my practice. And all the movements began with the atari of ki and ki and of body and body, the connection between ki and ki, the connection at the point of contact between body and body, and then progressed to sabaki, to kuzushi..."
Chapter titles:[Atari from your partner] 01 Being pushed by a palm on your shoulder (while sitting) 02 Being pushed by a palm on your shoulder (while standing) 03 Being pushed by a palm on your waist 04 Being pushed by a palm on your head 05 Being pushed by both palms on your back 06 Being pushed by both palms on your shoulders (from the front) [Atari from you] 07 Touching a fist with your palm from above 08 Touching fists with your palms from above (with two people) 09 Touching fists with your palms (while sitting, from the front) 10 Touching fists with your palms (while standing, from the front) [Atari for confirming a natural stance] 11 Having your arm pushed upwards (on one side) 12 Having your arms pushed upwards (on both sides, by two people) 13 Having your arm pushed upwards (with two hands, on one side) 14 Having your arms pushed upwards (with two hands, by two people) [Movements for practicing musubi] 15 (a) 16 (b) 17 (c)
DVD Review
"Calm but elastic and flexible state"

Sensei is showing very impressively how connection between the practicing partners is established and again how important the inner state is. He is examining the factors which are essential for a good practice with your partner, such as a calm but elastic and flexible state, the establishment of connection by Atari and the question of timing. As in all DVD's this is done step by step with an impressive variety of possible connection points, beginning with hand/shoulder, hand/waist, hand/head, hand/back connection and moving on to hand/fist practices also with two partners. Sensei makes it very clear that the understanding of these teachings and exercises are the basis for real Budo and any technique in Aikido.

Christopher (Austria)
"Really helped to take our Aikido to a new level"

The Way-Mastery series has really helped to take our Aikido to a new level. I have done martial arts for over 50 years and taught Aikido for over ten years. Watching this series has given us new insights as to how we practice Aikido. Some of the things we have just been doing already because it worked best for us. Other movements were more subtle and until watching the series we were not aware that we were doing the same thing or something similar. Now that we have gained this awareness it will improve our practice. I have purchased other DVD's but these are superior. They are a must for every serious practioner of Aikido.

Sensei Herr (U.S.)

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