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DVD Sabaki and Tsukai[SPVD-0004]

Price: 8,000JapanYen (tax incl.)
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For freedom of body and mind
Seishiro Endo Shihan's Aikido DVD Trilogy of basic techniques vol.3

Format: NTSC, Color, Widescreen, Stereo
Language: Japanese (English Subtitle, Japanese Subtitle)
DVD Region: ALL
Discs: 1
Lentgh: 70 minutes
Production: Seishiro Pictures
DVD Release Date: June 17, 2008


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Item Information
Abstract:Aikido movement (sabaki) and use of the body (tsukai) are the subject matter of this third installation of the Trilogy of Basic Aikido featuring Endo Seishiro shihan. Through plentiful footnotes, verbal explanation and demonstration, Endo sensei elucidates the physical and mental elements of footwork and use of the arms and upper body. Rather than specific techniques, the responses relative to different attacks and specific movements are presented in this production, clearly and repeatedly. Details on grabbing and striking are also offered. Recorded at Endo sensei's dojo in Saku, Japan and featuring 27 chapters, this DVD will prove to be an abundant source of study of the most basic, concrete details as well as the finer applications of aikido principles. "'Atari', 'musubi' , 'sabaki' and 'tsukai'. So far in this DVD series I have taught these concepts as 'the basics of the basics'. When practicing the basic forms ('kihon no kata' ), these are the critical states of one's feelings and body movements. "
Chapter titles:[[Sabaki]] 01 Ashi-sabaki [Sabaki for katatedori] -- Stand naturally 02 Sabaki for atari using the edge of the hand -- Your state during irimi 03 Sabaki for entering using your thumb -- Hold properly 04 Sabaki for atari using the palm of your hand -- Timing of the twisting movement 05 Sabaki for raising your arm -- Guiding using the atari [Sabaki for shomen-uchi] 06 Shomen-uchi striking practice -- As if you were swinging a sword 07 Judging striking distance and timing -- Correct form for swinging practice 08 Irimi(ai-hanmi) -- Relax your knees 09 Irimi(gyaku-hanmi) -- Becoming proficient at irimi 10 Atemi and striking 11 Sabaki for ki-musubi(ai-hanmi) -- Timing for ki-musubi 12 Sabaki for ki-musubi(gyaku-hanmi) [Sabaki for yokomen-uchi] 13 Yokomen-uchi striking practice -- Lower your stance and strike 14 Sabaki for cutting downward(above the wrist) -- Don't grab, and it's possible. 15 Sabaki for cutting downward(to the side of the arm) 16 Sabaki for using your arm(gyaku-hanmi) [Sabaki for techniques from behind] 17 Sabaki for ushiro ryotedori -- Position yourself correctly 18 Sabaki for ushiro ryohijidori and ushiro ryokatadori -- Look somewhere else [[Tsukai]] 19 Tsukai for arms and shoulders 20 Tsukai – using only a natural stance 21 Tsukai – slowly, as if scratching your head 22 Tsukai – as if picking up something close to your center 23 Tsukai – focusing on the other arm 24 Tsukai – lowering your feeling 25 Tsukai – using the part that you can move 26 Tsukai – using your arm like a rope 27 Tsukai – flexing your wrist
DVD Review
"I'm an Aikido instructor from Italy"

I'm an Aikido instructor from Italy and a professional video editor. I can really say that the Endo Sensei dvds are really perfect in the didactical purpose and in the realization. Surely you cannot use the dvd for replacing practice, but they are a very very helpful to understand the subtile logic that exist under Endo Sensei's Vision. My prefered is "Sabaki and Tsukai".

FB (Italy)
"So you can always review the concept"

I think that Endo Shihan's DVDs are excellent. The quality of the DVDs are very good, and they are well organized. I really enjoy the referrences between the DVDs so you can always review the concept on the other DVDs from the trilogy. Thanks for producing such wonderful DVDs.

Guy (Canada)

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