"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast"

I purchased two 10-DVD sets to share. When I did watch Endo Sensei, I felt a strong transmission. His Kokoro (Mind/Heart/Spirit) is very aligned and he transmits well. I feel many don't know how important kokoro is! Spirit is important in Aikido. Heart is important in Aikido. Endo Sensei's mind is clear in these DVDs.

I also have shoulder injuries like him. I believe Aikido can assist with healing with the right Kokoro alignment and proper placement.

I gave my Sensei at Aikido North (U.S., Alaska) a 10-DVD set of as a gift. I didn't know why, but I felt it was something I should do. My Sensei, a 6th dan eligible for 7th dan with a background in Karate and Kendo, changed how he taught Yokomen-uchi to our class after watching Endo Shihan's lessons. This was very eye opening. His center shifted. This is a great lesson for myself also. I realized that people of any rank and any age can change and learn new things. It is for a purpose we practice to return things to center. I will remember this.

Endo Shihan does a phenomenal job of teaching from the core at a simple and solid pace. His kokyu must be very good! Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. He is a true Master Sensei. I hope please we can continue to value and focus on the positive lessons from O-Sensei.

These are great DVDs for beginners and senior students alike because of the great material to lean on. These are great lessons for beginners to learn techniques and principles. These are also great DVDs to observe and to learn how to teach simply. Endo Shihan did a phenomenal job of following the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple Shihan.

Thank you for taking the time to distribute these. Aikido is the way of harmony in all things. Aikido is communication between kokoro via bodies. We can continue to practice methodically. Also, thank you for the unspoken reminder to slow down. On the mat reminders to slow down and breath are always valued. Finding those places of balances are important.

I will treasure these DVDs. I hope to meet Endo Shihan one day to feel his Shomen-uchi-ikkyo. I have met several of his students and am impressed with their aiki.

Bonnie (U.S., Alaska)

Student of Aikido


All DVD in one set (10-DVD set)  

DVD Yokomen-uchi. Basic Practice Methods.


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