"I think more about how I can apply aikido's principles in my own life"

I just want to thank Endo Shihan so much for the wonderful aikido instructions. I am a beginner aikido student, and so, there was only so much I could understand from the instruction at first.

But as I watch Sensei's instructions in vimeo every day, I find that even little by little, I start to understand his teaching and little by little, I can apply Sensei's instructions in my aikido classes and at home practice.

I am so grateful to Endo Shihan. His videos have helped me so much in my techniques and also my view of aikido and life. I feel that I use less force now. I pay more attention to my balance and my uke's balance. I try harder not to tense my arms and upper body, I care more for my uke. And I think more about how I can apply aikido's principles in my own life. I love aikido even more now - and it's due to Endo Shihan.

I had problems and pain with my thumb and shomenuchi ikkyo had always been painful and scary to me (I felt a lot of pain in my thumb when gripping uke's elbow). I also have many uke who are big and strong, and I always dreaded ura movement because I just couldn't move my uke correctly or at all. Now I understand that it's important not to grip, not to force uke down, and that I can do aikido without force and grips - and instead use my body weight and balance.

Endo Shihan, his ukes, and his students are so amazing and are really inspirations to me. I know if I heed his advice, I will keep improving and become more free and at ease. It is my sincere dream and wish to meet Endo Shihan in person one day, to thank him and to learn more from him.

Although I only see him on the streaming, it feels like I am really there...it's a wonderful feeling. Endo Shihan is truly amazing and funny too (love the bloopers and all the laughters) ! Thank you for very wonderful and generous hopes..

Yoerina (Northern California, United States)


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