Streaming (Perpetual License) : Morote-dori, Ushiro-ryote-dori. BPM. [WSMT-0009]

Streaming (Perpetual License) : Morote-dori, Ushiro-ryote-dori. BPM. [WSMT-0009]

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Language: Japanese (English Subtitle, Japanese Subtitle)
Length: 47 minutes
Production: Seishiro Pictures
Release Date: March 26, 2010

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Abstract Endo shihan takes the audience through a detailed, step-by-step progression of his current approach to morote-dori and ushiro-ryote-dori attacks. There is considerable explanation and rationale provided of the movements and use of the body. Viewers will also be able to see the commonalities between these two attacks. As with the other productions, tags are provided for reference to Endo shihan’s other DVDs which feature his basic “vocabulary”, and mention of these basic concepts are also scattered throughout this DVD. Recorded and edited professionally at the annual International Seminar in Saku city in May 2009. With subtitles. "In 'Kihon no Kata' we focused on the essential form, in 'Atari and Musubi' we focused on the principles of aiki, and in 'Sabaki and Tsukai' we focused on how to use the body and how to hold one's mind. In 'Basic Practice Methods' we can see how these manifest naturally in practice."
Chapter titles 01 Move when held with two hands and raised upward 02 Morote-dori - Confirm the basic body 03 Morote-dori - Moving as if the arm were a rope 04 Morote-dori Kokyuho (Moving as if the arm were a rope) 05 Morote-dori Kokyuho (Irimi movement) 06 Morote-dori Ikkyo 07 Ushiro-ryote-dori Movement 08 Ushiro-tyote-dori Kokyuho 09 Ushiro-ryote-dori Nikyo 10 Ushiro-ryote-dori Sankyo, Yonkyo, Kotegaeshi 11 Ushiro Ryohiji, Ryokata-dori Movement

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