Streaming (Perpetual License) : Yokomen-uchi. BPM. [WMST-0010]

Streaming (Perpetual License) : Yokomen-uchi. BPM. [WMST-0010]

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Language: Japanese (English Subtitle, Japanese Subtitle)
Length: 49 minutes
Production: Seishiro Pictures
Release Date: September 22, 2010

Item Information

Abstract This DVD features Endo shihan's teachings related to yokomen-uchi, starting with how to strike and the importance of striking and responding correctly. Throughout, Endo sensei shares various general and specific technical tips. Specific transitions to techniques are highlighted, also. In many cases, we can see one deal with yokomen-uchi by stopping, then continuing the partner’s movement, making the partner rigid. In Endo sensei’s case, he deals with the strike in a soft way that utilizes the flow of the strike. It is the same for ‘09 Movement using the arm’ which may at first glance seem like it is about stopping the strike. The featured seminar was the 15th Annual Aikido Saku Dojo Summer Seminar of August 2009.
Chapter titles 01 Yokomen-uchi Suburi and grasping distance 02 Movement for cutting down (top of the wrist) 03 Yokomen-uchi Shihonage 04 Yokomen-uchi Iriminage 05 Yokomen-uchi Ikkyo 06 Movement for cutting down (side of the arm) 07 Yokomen-uchi Kotegaeshi 08 Yokomen-uchi Iriminage (side of the arm) 09 Movement using the arm, Ikkyo 10 Yokomen-uchi Jiyuwaza

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